• I am there for you

  • from the planning

  • to the organization

  • and to the execution

Your Success is My Heartfelt Desire…

Every trip begins with a first step…

and I would like to do this for you, if it involves the planning, organization and follow through so as to make the most of your most valuable vacation time.

Whether you desire big game or wild bird hunting or fly fishing in any of the hunting and fly fishing destinations I have to offer, I am available from the first minute of your idea through to your final decision, and allow these to become reality for you. Besides I can also offer continuous and actual “highlights” and “specials” which are popular with everyone.

Eva-Maria Blaimauer-Schnopfhagen

About me

I would like to invite you to get to know my many years’ experience in hunting travel management and many years of operating hunting and fishing lodges.

You can trust me to select and chose my first class contacts in the hunting and fly fishing world and my comprehensive wealth of experience in planning and organizing these special travel ideas and requests.  Allow me to inspire you with my ideas of the hunt and vacation planning and show you places in the world which you have always dreamed about.  My passion goes with the environment of our animal kingdom, whether it be land or water, and the hunting possibilities of wildlife and fish species.

I will gladly accompany you as a serious travel guide and allow you such a different, higher experience, you can therefore concentrate on essentials.

Mit Interhunt in ÖsterreichAs an Austrian, my heart beats for what tradition offers -- unparalleled hunts for all mountain game in our fascinating, untamed and healthy alpine environment.

If you allow yourself to hunt in my home country, it would be a special joy.

The same goes for our local rivers with their healthy and large fish population. The water quality and the pristine condition and management of these rivers
contribute to the rapid heartbeat of every passionate fly fisherman.

I look forward to assist you in all aspects of travel arrangements for hunting and fly fishing. I would highly appreciate if I you belong soon to my elite clients circle.