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Its sparse population makes Namibia a great destination for hunting. On top of that the dry climate allows you to move around the whole day in the open air. In the evening one is enthralled, sitting around a camp fire, by the star-studded sky surrounding that stimulate that exchange of stories about the days spent on hunting the numerous species of game. Special offerings include the Greater Kudu, the fascinating Oryx, the graceful Springbuck or the formidable Hartman Zebra. Namibia’s diverse landscapes allow you to hunt anything from the Cape buffalo to the extremely shy Damara Dik-Dik, not to mention all the countless other.

Hunting possibilities in Namibia can be divided into three categories::
Hunt on a cattle farm apart from agricultural use, it is possible to hunt selective trophies.
Hunt at a game Farm in this case the farmer has decided to abandon cattle farming in exchange for game. As a consequence the farmer usually has a greater variety of game to offer than cattle farms. Hunting therefore offers a supplementary source of income to the farmer.
Hunt by concession On best lease area the hunt takes place among offers a range of big game, capable of defending itself. In the virgin wilderness Elephant, Cape buffalo, Lion as well as a variety of Antelopes and Gazelles goes there way.


The name of the country derives from the Namib Desert, from where the entire coastal region takes its name. It would gain independence as a neutral country, so as not to discriminate against the many Namibian peoples. The dry landscape originally belonged to the people of San (Bush People) and they settled Damara. Since the 14th century the Bantu immigrated to the land. The area of today’s Namibia was a German protectorate in 1884 and remained a German colony until the end of World War I. In 1920 the Namibian people were under South African mandate — a South African colony-in-fact, which led Namibia to have its own laws, such as Apartheid. In March, 1990, Namibia acquired its independence through a freedom war.

Namibia is lightly settled and populated due to the proportion of land covered by the Namib Desert and this accommodated the fauna and produced a large number of hunting possibilities for wildlife. A trip to Namibia allows for an ideal hunting and vacation combination.

Population: 2,1 Mio.
Language: The official language is English, various national languages ​​including German
Religion: 87% Christian, rest several indigenous beliefs
Neighboring Countries: Angola, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa

Landscape: Namibia accommodates landscape of incomparable beauty, wilderness and surprising variety. Desert and craggy coastline, high mountains and endless vastness, big river valleys and tropical jungle is there to discover. The Namib, the oldest desert in the world, gave Namibia its name. It ranges along the west coast for a distance of over 1500 kilometers long and 100 kilometers wide. To the east lie the foothills of the Kalahari Desert, the home of the San Bush People, or “Bushmen”. In the northeast one sees the landscape as tropical green and humid. In the south one finds the second largest canyon in the world, the Fish River Canyon, as well as the landmark of Namibia, the quiver tree. The Etosha National Park is one of the best locations on earth for animal watching.
Climate: The intersecting climates of Namibia can be described as hot and dry but in certain parts of the country, above all in the northeast, subtropical continent in nature. In winter months it can freeze at night. I can provide you with information depending on your travel time of the year and area.

Capitol: Windhoek with apr. 350.000 resident
Airport: Windhoek (Hosea Kutako International Airport), more airports are located in Walvis Bay, Oranjemund, Lüderitz, Ondangwa and Katima Mulilo. On the farms there is usually an airstrip for small planes to land.
Currency: Namibia-Dollar (NAD)

Vaccination: with direct entry there are no required. Recommended are hepatitis A & B, typhoid, rabies, meningococcal. Malaria prophylaxis for Caprivi and the northern part of Namibia high recommended!

Electricity: 220 Volt/50 Hertz, Adapters are required!
Entry requirements: European Union citizens and for other various citizens — a valid passport which must have 6 months eligibility before expiration. If a Visa is necessary, I will inform you.
Time Zone: West Africa Time (WAT) UTC +1


Approximately 500 registered hunting outfitters allow hunters from all over the world to hunt almost 25 species of wildlife. Some hunting areas happen to be in free areas, but most are in comprehensive large hectar, wild, fenced-in areas. Hunting season is from 1st of February until 30th of November.

Big Game

25 different species of wildlife, the most well-known among them are springbuck, impala, kudu, hartebeest, warthog, buffalo and elephant.

Hunting season

1. Februar – 30. November


On hunting farms with all comforts; however, on hunts in Caprivi, you will be in a camp.

Firearm Import and Export

An application has to be made to import firearms. Minimum caliber is 7mm and a maximum of 100 rounds for that firearm are allowed entry.

Full metal jacket ammunition is prohibited. Bows for hunting are permitted and are not subject to approval.


All trophies will be taken to a taxidermist. On request of the customer the trophies are prepared or jus scoured. In some animals quarantine regulations must be observed. Taxidermy, packaging and transport costs have to be paid separately.

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