• Tauben Jagd in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Erfolgreiche Entenjagd in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Flugwildjagd vom Feinsten in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Jagd auf Wildziege in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Jagd auf Wasserbüffel in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Jagd auf Rothirsch in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Jagd auf Vierhornschaf in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Ihr komfortables Jagdhaus in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Gemütlich wohnen beim Jagen in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Jagd auf Blackbuck in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Luxuriöses Jagdhaus in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Luxuriöses Unterkunft beim Jagen in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Jagd auf Muffelwidder in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Jagd auf Puma in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Jagd auf Axishirsch in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit
  • Unvergessliche Taubenjagd in Argentinien - Interhunt - jagen weltweit

Hunting and country of Argentina share the same qualities: grand and original. The hunt will be attracted by the diversity of game species that can be hunted, the beauty of the country´s unique nature as well as by the traditional way of the hunt. Most famous is Argentina of the fantastic trophies of red deer , fallow deer and Axis deer.
These are just a few number of species which can be hunted next to Warthog, Multihorn sheep, etc. Furthermore, one should not forget the opposite seasons of the year that allow hunters from the northern hemisphere to indulge in their hunting passion the whole year through. Wing shooting on doves, pigeon and ducks are just incredible!


The name “Argentina” originates from the Latin word “Argentum”, meaning silver. Together with this meaning is the Rio de la Plata”, which the Spanish designated as the “Silver River” because it was hoped that Argentina was rich with silver deposits. The adjacent countries to Argentina are Bolivia and Paraguay on the north, Chile on the West and Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast. Argentina is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east. With 2.78 million square kilometers (over 1 million square miles) it is the second largest country in South America and the eighth largest country in the world. Argentina is 3700 km long and the width from the Andes Mountains in the West to the Atlantic coast is 1580 kilometers. The highest mountain, Aconcagua, at 6958 meters is also the highest mountain in all of the Americas.

Population: apr. 40,5 Mio.
Language: Spanish – regional: German, Quechua, Guarani
Religion: 76% Catholic, 9% Protestant, rest cults or other religions
Neighboring Countries: Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay

Landscape: Argentina can be divided into 5 different geographic zones. The Andes in the West, the fertile lowlands in the North, the Gran Chaco of the Indians, the broad Pampas in the central part of the country, Patagonia and the Island Group of Tierra del Fuego in the South.

Climate: The North ranges from subtropical to tropical climate with rain in the summer, with warm temperatures in Buenos Aires and in the Patagonia Steppes and desert climates and ultimately sub-polar climate in the south; average July temperatures in Buenos Aires 9.4 degrees C (49º F) and January averages 23 degrees C (73.5º F).

Capital: Buenos Aires With apr. 13 Mio. resident
Airport: Buenos Aires, but also a number of other regional airports.

Currency: Argentine Peso(ARS) = 100 Centavos
Vaccination: none required, Hepatitis A & B are recommended
Electricity: as in Europe 220V – but it requires an adapter
Time Zone: Argentinian Time (ART)  UTC -3

Entry requirements: Valid passport which must have more than 90 days eligibility before expiration. Digital fingerprint and photo to be taken

The culture of Argentina is strongly influenced by the original Italian and Spanish founders. The political independence began in the 19th century following the independence from Spain. Buenos Aires has an especially concentrated cultural scene. Characteristic of Argentina music is definitely the Tango. It originated in the 19th century in Buenos Aires. Its success in the 1920’s is forever linked to the singer Carlos Gardel, the “King of the Tango”.

As far as literature is concerned, Argentineans have successful, notable authors such as Jorge Luis Borges, one of the most influential writers of the 20th century (he wrote poems, short stories and essays), Adolfo Bioy Casares and Julio Cortazar, to name a few.

Argentina is very popular with hunters from the northern hemisphere because of the different hunting and animal rutting seasons as well as the strong trophy quality of big game animals. Also found are the extraordinary dove and duck hunting which make every shotgun enthusiast’s heart beat!  Bird hunting is like paradise here.

Big game

  • Roe deer
  • Fallow deer
  • Axis deer
  • Mouflon
  • Water buffalo
  • Wild boar
  • Black buck
  • Puma
  • Multihorn sheep


  • Doves and pigeon
  • Ducks
  • partridges

Gun Import and Export

A copy of Passport with complete valid address plus the following for the firearm: model, serial number and caliber (or gauge) must be provided. The organizer will fill out the corresponding firearm import document and return it. Upon entry into the country, you must bring this import document and pay a charge of 120 Euros (about $140 U.S.) Upon leaving the country, the authorities will make sure that all items correspond to what entered the country.


For many animal species no export license is required by the United States of America; please see the price list for more information. Trophy packing and shipping are separate charges.


Primarily fine hunting lodges with all comforts and the finest international cuisine accompanied by Argentina wine. You will not lack for anything.

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