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Our guests coming from all parts of the world to hunt tell us over and over again: For us Austria is the most hospitable hunting country in Europe. Austrian hunting knows a century long tradition. On top of that historical fact 130.000 people possess a hunting license– meaning an extraordinary density of hunters among the population. Both these facts are clear proves of the wide acceptance of hunting by the people. Austria takes exemplary care of her wildlife specially in regard to her domestic game like Roe- and Red Deer, Chamois, Moufflon , Ibex and Wild boar. Luckily enough there still exists a healthy population of Capercaillie and Black Cock. A stay in Austria could not be complete without enjoying her very rich cultural and culinary tradition both equally appreciated by hunters from all over the world.

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All you need to know about hunting and fly fishing in Austria you will find on: | hunting and fly fishing in AUSTRIA


Austria is a country steeped in history, from her foundation in 976 up she looks back at an ever changing history. Outstanding historical events include the period of the K.u.K. Monarchy from 1804-1918 as well as the First and Second World Wars. In 1945 the Second Republic, up to now a democratic federal state, was proclaimed.

Population: 8,5 Mio.
Language: German and derivative regional languages
Religion: 80 % Catholics, 5 % protestant, Rest other confession
Neighboring countries: Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia.

Landscape: The majority is mountainous — the main crest of the Alps runs through Austria with the highest mountain being Grossglockner at 3798 m. The northern and eastern part of the country includes broad flat areas. Lake Constance in the west and the “Neusiedler Lake” in eastern Austria represent the largest lakes among many there. The largest river, the Danube, flows through Austria from Passau on the German border to the Slovakian border city of Bratislava.
Climate: Austria is located in a moderate climate zone in the northern hemisphere. Basically it goes from warm to cool in this moderate climate. Because Austria lies in central Europe, it falls in the crossing range between the Atlantic Ocean and continental climate. The Atlantic climate gives relative high rainfall and moderate temperature events (cool summers and relatively mild winter). Against that is the Continental climate with its strong temperature changes throughout the year (hot summers and cold winters). In addition, southern Austria is influenced by the Mediterranean currents out of the south.

Capital: Vienna with apr. 2 Mill. resident
International airport: Vienna
Regional airports: Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck and Klagenfurt
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Vaccination: none required
Electricity: 220 – 240 V/50 Hz
Time zone: Central Europe (CET/MEZ) UTC +1

Requirements for Entry: for European Union Citizens a valid travel document.  For many non-European Union citizens a Visa may be required.  I will inform you about these requirements.

  • Salzburg Festival
  • Opera ball
  • Opera
  • Many theaters
  • Museums and castles
  • National parks

Hunting in Austria is based on centuries of tradition, which is deeply rooted in her population.  More than 130,000 local, licensed hunters cherish a high regard and acceptance of hunting among the population.
The hunting areas are administered both privately and by the state.

Main game species

  • Roe deer
  • Red deer
  • Mouflon
  • Chamois
  • Wild Boar
  • Ibex

Small game

  • Hare
  • Rabbit
  • Fox
  • Badger
  • Marten


  • Capercaillie
  • Black Cock
  • Hazelgrouse
  • Phesant
  • Duck

Hunting period

May – December

Huntingseason Austria

Best hunting period

from September – November.

Hunts are done by rifle for big game and by shotgun for wing shooting

The hunting guest has to apply for a guests` hunting license with the hunting administration in that one of the nine federal Austrian states where he wishes to stay. He has to present his hunting license and a passport photo together with his application. Hunting licenses which are not in German language may have to be authenticated by a translation.
Hunting guests from overseas have to have an additional insurance for the time of their stay.
Contact me for support.

Fire arm import and export

For entry into and leaving of Austria it is necessary to bring your own Firearm Ownership Card (European firearm pass) and your hunting license. Non-European citizens have to present a certificate showing that the firearm brought to Austria belongs to the hunter. Ammunition and rifle locks must be transported separately from the firearm.
Firearms in all current calibers are for rent.


Our taxidermists takes care of the trophy exports and of all necessary documentation. Costs for preparation, packing and shipping are directly payable to the taxidermists


During the hunt you will stay in hunting lodges, local inns or hotels with top international and traditional cuisine.

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