3 Chamois in 3 Countries full guided.

For all collectors among the hunters a unique offer and experience!

The hunt for various chamois species I offer in the following countries: Austria to Romania, Croatia and Spain. It may be hunted on the tour up to 3 chamois. In order to perform the hunting tour successfully, I ask you to book at least one year in advance. The quoted range is tried and so far always run successfully. Of course I follow your wishes if you want to swap Romania or Croatia towards Spain. In this case, the offer will be increase.

See here our basic quotation:

Pricelist Capra Slam Europe

My recommendation

This tour will amaze you, the one from the experience of Chamois hunting in various European countries with their traditions and, second, the stunning scenic hunting areas. I offer here a unique opportunity in predictable time to hunt 3 different Chamois Species in Europe Alps. Beside you have the possibilities to hunt on other available game in the respective Country. Let this special opportunity not to be missed and contact me.

Small important notice

Please prepare yourself physically before on this tour. You should hike without problems for a whole day up to an altitude of 2,500 m with backpack and rifle. Of course, with intervening pauses.
Make yourself familiar with the possibility shots on further distances up to 250 m in any case. Caliber as 30.06 or 7 mm Rem. Mag. Are recommended.