Croatia – famous for wild Quail and Woodcock hunting over dogs!

A very special hunting attraction during the return flight of the Woodcock and Quail in their winter home.

Quail hunting season in August und September 

For all wing shooting enthusiastic who love something special, this hunting quail on the return of the Quails to their winter home is a very special hunting pleasure. The quail, which are absolutely wild, pause in Croatia to rest and to accommodate food to take to strengthen the flight. I ask for your timely registration, because there is a strong demand.
If arriving by car, another meeting as Split is agreed. For arrivals by plane you will be met and assisted with your gun import at the airport Split and transported to the hunting area. Hunting is done in three full days. Depending on the weather the hunt run usually in the mornings and evenings because of the temperatures.

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Woodcock hunting  season up from October till end of February

Woodcocks are wild as the Quail and both get hunted over dogs. Hunters arriving from neighbor countries they are welcome to bring their own dogs for this hunt. Prerequisite is the hunting suitability. But there are plenty of dogs on site also available. If arriving by car, you will promptly be notified a meeting in indirect close to hunting area. For arrivals by plane you will be met at the airport or Split or Zagreb and transported to the hunting area. You will have assistance if you will bring your own shot gun. Hunting is done in three full days, usually throughout the day, because the temperatures are not more so high. Being chased in groups of 3 to 4 hunters.

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